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When I got to Nanjing in November 2011 we had a wonderful time.

Because I have a seriously injured back I have to use a wheelchair for long distance running.

"A couple of years after my husband died in 2005, I tried online dating.

Off and on over the years, I would try another site, but nothing came of it, so I just gave up.

Then she said "yes, yes, yes" I didn't have a ring for her but she didn't care.

At a later date I got her an inexpensive one because she did not want to walk around with a lot of money on her hand and felt that the money spent on an expensive ring would be better spent on something for our home, etc.

Soon I was making plans to go to China and visit her in Nanjing the old capital of China.Somehow, we continued to correspond, even though he was already online "dating" another lady. During 2013, his "relationship" failed and as we were having such fun corresponding, we started to talk about whether we were suitable.Then he decided we should meet and he came to visit me for that Christmas.Then we did the agonizing waiting for action by the U. The second lawyer that Xia contacted did a much better job and at a lower cost.When Xia finally was interviewed the interviewing officer saw a picture of me sitting in a walker and insisted that we show more proof of income. When I was in China the second time her whole family embraced me completely.

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