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WELL, that didnt let me down though, because all my guests and family are as excited as we are, and we are paying for the wedding we want, regardless of what other ppl think, my only concern was the Church.So I contacted my parish, and last week we went to a preparation class...

I googled my situation to see what was I supposed to do, and I found so many hurtful comments, saying that women in my situation shouldnt have a big celebration, and shouldnt wear a bridal dress, that is wrong to even call it a wedding because is not a wedding, that it needs to be called either a convalidation ceremony or renewal of vows!

i was surprised to see we werent the only couple, there was this other couple that has been married for 21years and are now having their catholic wedding.

So after that they explained to us that we can either have a convalidation ceremony, something intimate, or have a wedding... We booked the church, we are now in the process of chosing the readings and the music...

We are both catholics and were raised in Mexico, so we always talked about having our catholic wedding there.

For many reasons, we couldnt find the right timing for this, and now we are scared of having a wedding over there because of the violence.

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