Dating a gibson les paul

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Should your Gibson Les Paul have an 8 digit SN stamped in the rear of the electric guitars headstock, you are in good fortune.

Your electric guitar should really be relatively simple to date.

Through 1961 to 1969, Gibson made use of SN's that had been stamped within the wood, in no way inked on.

These types of numbers do not actually stick to a pattern.

Subsequently in that year, in addition to carrying on all the way through 1961, Gibson pressed a 5 or 6 number using ink upon the rear of the electric guitars headstock.

In total, Slash has collaborated with Gibson on twelve signature Les Paul guitars...

SN's have inconsistency, and that can become more of a obstacle as opposed to a benefit. The first Les Pauls manufactured in 1952 could possibly not have serial numbers.

Guidlines for finding the guitar's correct age can certainly be just like an activity taken from an episode of "CSI," in which you determine a age determined by several different forensic research examinations, not simply the serial number. From 1953, a 3 digit SN had been stamped at the top.

Another Les Paul that Slash is famous for playing with is his 1987 Les Paul Standard which has been used on countless tours.

Slash's first electric guitar was a copy of Gibson Explorer given by his grandmother.

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