Dating and sexual mastery e books

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I have gone through dozens of these books and extracted from them their principles -- the key ideas behind the techniques.Our focus here will be on these principles, which have been true for the past hundred thousand years and will be true for the next hundred thousand.Its graphic literature is worth mentioning as it actually takes you to the Sexual encounters.Its ideal for people who are in relationships for quite some time and want to add spice to their sex life.

But for now, let's focus first on what you can give a man that will get him to come back to you over and over again for more.Now that you have been through The Tao of Dating course, you have a much better sense of who you are and what you want.You know how to find desirable women, how to meet them, how to attract them and how to perpetuate a relationship with them. Besides being a tremendously worthwhile life skill in its own right, sexual mastery can also be a great source of your masculine power. Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can create an extraordinary sensual and sexual experience for a woman gives you the kind of power that no one can take away. A wise man once said that when a hungry man asks you for food, you can either give him a fish or teach him how to fish.Here are two ways of applying this principle: The Find-and-Persist Principle A lot of guys like to vary their stroke, do a whole bunch of things in a short space of time, thinking that they're providing variety or demonstrating versatility. I must say the book written by Robert is a genuine classic in the field of Sexual Mastery.

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