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I excuse myself to step into the girl’s room for a retouch and put myself together.When I return I notice Leroy is chatting with another girl.I down it, feeling the warmth of the drink slowly going down my stomach and I don’t know about liquor or wine but I get a tingly sensation down stairs!We are having great time when we are joined by one of Leroy’s friends.If you keep that hidden and untried with me, especially now that I know, I’ll leave you because of not at least trying it.”Once they found their first shared lover, this is how they started.Somehow, diving into the act sucking a hot cock together, trading back and forth, giving one another lessons in their personally discovered “how to’s”, and daring the other to trip the trigger first to capture the bulk of the monster load - this became their new feverish addiction.Audrey discovered some of her new beau’s secret porn stash, and as it turned out, he’d been hiding a little dirty secret from her.It was one that she’d hope some wild lover would finally share with her in the naked flesh.

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That was, free reign to call every shot, no holds barred, with their latest boytoy in tow.And when he cums so hard and so deep inside of you, with battering-ram force, I want to feel that in every spurt and jerk and explosions of your gorgeous dick inside of me….He then felt her hands spread wide his ass, and watched her nod to the man behind and above him. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of this”, she added with a dirty giggle. I wasn’t planning to go out or hook up but I decided to get dressed and get dolled up.I want to see his cock’s thrusts on your gasping and pleasured face.I want to feel his thrusts in your dick’s shoves, as you push in and try to breach and ruin my womb.

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