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It looks like a clean app on the surface, but it's hardly a stretch to imagine what kind of photos most people jiggle around. How could we ever tire of your endless nuggets of sexual advice. Price: .99 This virtual board game challenges you and your partner to make it to the bedroom.

Cosmo's i Phone app is exactly what it sounds like. The game gets racier as you progress until you finally arrive in bed.

An available i OS app replicates the remote's functionality and buttons so you can optionally use an i Phone or i Pad as the remote control.

The Meet Up conferencing camera also supports Bluetooth for call-in access to join a conference via cellphone.

The Meet Up's audio system incorporates an optimized full-range speaker driver tuned to avoid clipping and help suppress echo.

3 beam-forming microphone elements with digital signal processing automatically pinpoint the person actively speaking.

Logitech also states 2.4GHz as the minimum CPU speed on your Mac.

OSX Yosemite 10.10 is the minimum up through El Capitan and Mac OS Sierra.

For 4K Ultra-HD webcam capture and 1080p or 720p conferencing you'll want a fairly fast, modern Intel Mac with USB 3.0 ports running Mac OS Sierra or El Capitan 10.11 .

The Brio is the first Apple compatible 4K webcam for Mac that also takes the web camera marketplace to USB 3.0 connectivity.

With a Type-C USB-C interface at the camera's back, an appropriate, interchangeable cable can be used for Apple computers with either traditional Type-A USB ports or the new Thunder Bolt3 / USBC ports being incorporated into new Mac Book laptops and desktop systems.

is notoriously vigilant about keeping sexed-up apps out of the App Store. We collected some of the most shocking examples below. The app's description says it's a "stimulating way to spice up your i Phone’s built-in vibration feature." Let your imagination take it from there.

A lot of apps have been able to get through the Apple censors, and a lot of them have creeped to the top of Apple's most-downloaded charts.

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