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Many ISP's are limiting your speed when accessing Usenet.It is important to know that Usenet access is not the same as Web access.although it will differ (especially for the first steps) depending on who you use as an ISP.The above example is for a Virgin Mmedia customer as the first few steps are through elements of the Vrgin Mdia network.The data-rate checking websites check for HTTP download speeds, not NNTP (Usenet) downloading speeds so they will not uncover any blocks.The most common causes for seeing a Usenet download speed slower than your Web download speed are: Sometimes you will find that your download speed starts fluctuating significantly for no apparent reason.New users to Newsbin regularly find that their headers apparently "disappear" and that they have trouble getting them back without downloading them again.This is an attempt to give some insight to how Newsbin handles headers; common reasons that can cause them to apparently be lost, and what you need to do to get them back and visible again.

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You can either choose an unlimited access plan for per month or pay for a year in advance to receive the equivalent pricing of .95 per month including access to their VPN service. Look in the Logging tab (Status tab in versions prior to 5.50) for more details.

When a news server resets article counts in a newsgroup, this will happen.

The solution is: After that, subsequent group updates will pick up new headers since the last time you downloaded from the group.

The easiest solution to rectify all of the above scenarios is to find the configuration (.

NBI) file that should be used and then start Newsbin by double-clicking it.

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