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When you tell an employee, "I understand this is not your lifelong career, but to earn the paycheck every week here is what I expect." They are much more likely to respond than if you try to motivate with promises of promotions and titles down the road.

Understanding that being at the job isn't as important to Millennials as completing the assigned task also opens up new opportunities for motivation and reward.

Sends a crisp and clear video signal to the LCD monitor- receiver, plug it into your internet and watch video over the net. Self contained- recording atomic desk or wall clock.

2.4Ghz digital wireless transmitter built into a wall clock. Works on most devices with flash memory including cameras, SD cards, and Smart Phones -including i Phone, Android and Blackberry. Four night vision wireless cameras, color by day with Pro Grade DVR. Replace your Exit sign with our Home Spy High power 900Mhz wireless camera in a exit sign, transmitters up to 1000 feet. The transmitter uses the 2400MHz ( 2.4GHz ) sub channels to eliminate interference from wireless routers.

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They have not been raised in a way that demands them to look around and see what should be done next.Here's a hint: meet them where they are and they will achieve your underlying goals; try to force them to fit your definitions and they will run for the door every time.So let's take a look at some of the pervasive myths about our youngest generation in the workforce and discuss why these changes are happening.For most, early employment has nothing to do with a career path; it is a way to earn money to have fun in their free time. When you understand what motivates your employees you are better able to set mutual expectations for success.Instead of being frustrated that your youngest employees are not interested in climbing your corporate ladder, embrace their true motivation — reliable spending money — and use it to your advantage.

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