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To my surprise, for such a huge cosmopolitan city, I had a high exotic factor with teenage girls giggling and approaching me because of my white skin and fair hair.“Fresas” are the rich, preppy Mexican girls that look great but are notoriously snobby and difficult to game – social circle sex is about all they engage in.Most of them know English well and will have studied/lived in the US.If I were to stay again, I would settle in Zona Rosa or Polanco (budget permitting).It’s visible from pretty much any point in the city and illuminated at night.Day game: Puebla is home to a lot of universities and these are where you should focus your day game efforts: This city holds a special place in my heart because I lived there for 10 months.Also, Queretaro is the best place in Mexico to find a good girlfriend or a wife.

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For those who are considering crossing The Rio Grande in search of Latinas – here are the seven best cities to meet Mexican women: go to D. (Distrito Federal- that’s what they call it, never “Mexico City”) if you want a quiet time to get away from people.This is more of a day game city than night game because the club scene is small.I’ve included it here because it is both the safest city on the list and has the best climate in Mexico – Mexico City can get grey and drizzly like Bogota, Colombia.I stayed in Container City but I recommend all Mexican newbies stay in Angelópolis as it’s upper-class and super safe.Things to do: Check out the Pyramid of Cholula (the biggest tourist attraction in Puebla).

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