Simple sex chat by messaging

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If you take too long to msg (3 day rule) or set up a date (get to the point) you’ll let her cool off and “life will get in the way”.Guys who are feeling insecure will often send long text or message frequently.In reality, a guy who sets things up right away looks bold and assertive. There isn’t a perfect time to message after meeting a woman, but if you wait your odds will decrease.He’ll also stand out from all of the other guys who are waiting, trying to look cool even though they’re thinking about her all day. The window of opportunity after meeting a girl is short.There’s no reason why you can’t be direct about it, just keep it fun. Again, it’s just a poke or friendly reminder for fence sitters. Don’t take it too seriously, another date is always just around the corner. I’ll be putting some detailed articles together to talk about that in future post.

It seems strange because when you met her it was all smiles and flirts.

Body language, voice tonality, eye contact, and touch. If she didn’t like you when you met, nothing you text will change her mind.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of persistence and timing, and that’s where following up comes into play. There’s only one reason to text a girl you’ve just met – To set up the first date.

Instead, look to keep the text ratio close to 1:1 and text the girl about as frequently as she texts you.” – The Art of Charm As long as you keep it simple and to the point, the exact wording isn’t too important.

Tell her it was good to meet her, and ask which day works to meet up for coffee. One thing to avoid is weak language like “Do you want to”, “Can we” “Could we”, “Would you like to” Those all come off as ‘beta’ or insecure.

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