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"TV feels quite constipated and the thing I find particularly difficult is the branding of the channels where it's not 'Is it a good script? '."Stick or Twist sounds like a timely idea, for as Phillips says, a propos of Smack the Pony: "It did change things but I think there are still some things that can be changed.

Middle-aged women on telly is a bit of a hot topic – before we were 27 to 37 and now we're 40 to 50. you go past 35 and suddenly you're playing baddies.

"She came back beaten up and I remember just crying and saying, 'Stop doing that'."Phillips herself was sent to a rather more genteel boarding school in Gloucestershire, where she failed to fit in.

"I wasn't a member of the pony club, and I didn't have any clothing from Benetton or any shoes from Hobbs, so that made me unusual.

maybe I should do that' and the guy that If was writing with/for at the time said, 'What would you call it, The Sally Phillips Experience?

And he laughed for about 10 minutes, and I joined in laughing and then went into another room and cried."In 1995, she teamed up with Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes on the regional ITV sketch show Six Pairs of Pants, reuniting with Pegg four years later on the short-lived sitcom Hippies, set in an Oz-like 1960s magazine and written by Father Ted creators Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews.

The question is whether it's good or bad to be unusual in that environment, and now I think it was great."She had a rather more congenial time at New College, Oxford, where she got a first in Italian and started writing and performing comedy for the Oxford Revue, with the likes of Al Murray, Stewart Lee and Andy Riley, the creator of the Bunny Suicides series. the real comedy spods."After university, Phillips paid her dues at countless Edinburgh Festivals. "I definitely internalised the idea that women aren't funny.

I remember one year leafing through the programme and going, 'There's loads of girls going up on their own…

"The things they've printed have been hilarious," says Phillips. His family have enjoyed taunting him about the Bible teacher bit and his colleagues have enjoyed taunting him about the IT bit. We can neither get anything to work."The cuts also say that Andrew is Spanish – unusual Iberian nomenclature, I suggest. His first language is Spanish but he came back here when he was 13…There really weren't any then."Phillips is hoping to reunite with Allen and Mackichan in a new sitcom called Stick or Twist, about three sisters whose marriages are in crisis, although she's still waiting, after nearly a year, for the BBC to give it the green light."It feels like the system has shut down a bit," she says.I get offered people who get killed in slasher movies.Where's that come from – haven't they read about me being a Christian?

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