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IBM reserves the right to modify and/or discontinue Technical Support (TS) Chat at any time .

The chatroom no longer supports old, obsolete browsers.

we are excited to announce Technical Support (TS) Chat -- a whole new way to interact with our world class Technical Support L2 Team!

With Technical Support Chat, our customers are able to engage our L2 Teams via chat, for brief question and answer sessions, for URL or Reference requests, or for quick responses to clarify hardware and software compatibility requirements.

Therefore, it handles the succession of messages in a As a matter of fact, the widget is also a playground for new testing methods and tools.

Then, It follows a continuous integration process where builds and tests are made in the cloud with travis.

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As the widget does not know how to create a message from a text content, the parent controller is supposed to supply an instance of the new message as an argument of the success callback.

It is also possible to manually add new messages to the chat widget (for instance, when a new message is sent from an app, it may trigger a specific event to the app of the opposite user...).

This widget is an example of chat widget where the content is separated from the widget in such a way that any kind of model could be used with this widget.

The widget uses builders to generate views corresponding to a message; This builders act as delegates so that the widget can focus its concern on displaying correctly those messages together.

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