Who is bipasha basu dating

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As far as my views on marriage go, I was pretty much ok not marrying, but I met someone who wanted to get married and we were completely in sync; had spent a lot of time together- so it just happened. In India all our relatives say that the older we marry, the pool of people we will have to choose from shall keep getting smaller. So when you have to share your room with someone, like I married late, you think, “Umm. Why don’t you connect me with some of your single friends?(Laughing, she says) Yes please I’m always looking for them!You can’t just do something which another person is doing since everyone is different.In 2005 everyone had told me that I need to get my knees operated- that I can’t dance, won’t be able to do action sequences and even be able to stand for a long time. I never got into any vices apart from the fact that I have a sugar addiction. In fact I keep sending literature to people on why they should stop smoking. Whatever I’ve heard about it has been from my sisters who’ve tried it, but it really hasn’t done much for them.Over the last few days, Bipasha has been going gaga over rumoured boyfriend Karan Singh Grover's performance in the recently-released Hate Story 3.But seems like Karan Singh Grover's steamy scenes with Zareen Khan in Hate Story 3 have left Bipasha somewhat suspicious about Karan.

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But later Amar Singh denied it, he said that it was some other girl named Bipasha.

Bollywood A-listers turned out in full force for the wedding reception of actress Bipasha Basu, 37, and actor Karan Singh Grover, 34.

The reception was held at the St Regis hotel in south Mumbai on April 30.

In January 2014 she launched the third in her series of fitness DVDs called Unleash.

Bipasha married her Alone (2015) co-star Karan Singh Grover in April 30, 2016. When I am not working, I wake up at 8 am and get into bed again by 1pm and try to sleep by 12.30 am max. But at the same time I believe in moderation and try to eat as many home-cooked meals as possible. I try to take out at least 2 hours every day- but I do believe in a good warm up and cool down. I believe the joints need to be warmed up in order to prevent injuries because I am the sort of person who works out 7 days a week. For at least 2 years I’ve been hitting the gym at 4 am in the morning, because I have to be in Andheri by 7am for work.

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