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There are a few rumors about his previous relationships.He is said to have stalked Rebecca Lobo, on a few occasions.Keith Theodore Olbermann is a sports and political commentator, a TV host, and a writer.He is associated with ESPN through his show ‘Olbermann’.Even after she said that she was not interested in him, he was not able to move past his apparent infatuation.He kept monitoring her calls and kept on sending notes.They lived together for a time, but things did not work out and they separated and ended their three-year relationship in 2009. After a year of separation, both he and Katy had a televised video interview. A year after this separation, Keith showed up at a Yankee came with young brunette on his arm. The details about this young lady are not available.

Currently, they are living together and are planning the beautiful future of them living together as a husband and wife.

All the information explains that he never thought of marriage.

He always had a date with him to show off, but, never really ended up in a relationship. There are no detailed reports on why these relationships did not work out.

Caption: Katy Tur with her boyfriend, Keith Olbermann(left) Their relationship became one of the significant advantages to Katy Tur in her career.

It has been implied that Keith’s effort and presence were one of the reasons she landed her first job at NBC New York in 2009.

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