Who is ronaldinho dating dating after divorce rebound relationship

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A keen Irish dancer in the day, at the age of 15 I was a world champion and still to this day hold the record for the highest kick.

Memorabilia of my face is still sold in shops across Ireland, (including tea towels, thimbles and crockery).

I met both Henry and Nissa in 2008/9 at Marcia Road, the home of British pop culture circa 2008/9.

We would stay up all night sharing stories of boys, fashion, pop music, coding and all of the other things we have in common.

My life as the youngest, more spoiled sibling was over as I knew it.

Turned out Henry wasn't all that bad as a younger brother after all as he grew into an absolute legend(I have always been a big influence in his life).

is a Brazilian retired professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder.

I knew we were going to be lifelong friends when she wasn’t weirded out when I passed wind. I knew we were going to be lifelong friends when I found someone nearly as immature as me!

I remember my first encounter with Nissa on a sunny September day in 1998.

Since then it has been amazing watching them grow into a fantastic partnership and I wish them all the best in marriage.

Henry was met on a very dark day back on the 7th July 1988.

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